My interests in dogs like with most people, began as a child. I was brought up in a small shoreline town where families would come for summer vacation and often times left behind the family dog. I can remember always having stray dogs (and cats), to play with as a child. It didn’t matter what breed: (German shepherds, pits, labs, ridge backs), all were welcome. We never had any behavioral issues, never had the need to use leashes. By practicing organic behaviors such as trust and respect we cohabited naturally thus produced a balanced relationship.

I continued my interest in dogs by adopting shelter pets. It seemed every dog we adopted had some serious issues, but it never occurred to me to return a dog to the shelters as many do.

Rather, I found myself intrigued at some of the odd behavioral issues and started studying animal behavior. I would then implement a training program specific to each dog. I found that, along with constancy, patients and respect any dog could be rehabilitated.

I’ve volunteered at shelters and realized what an epidemic, behavioral issues had become. I have attended many “hands on” workshops to further my education in dog psychology. Some of these include Training Cesar’s Way Workshop; Achieving Balance & Fulfillment Through Leadership in February 2013 and The TCW; Achieving Balance and Harmony in December 2013, Lucas/ Agnew workshop; Leading by Example in August 2013.

What I’ve found in attending these workshops was not only in learning from the best of the best but also meeting colleagues from all over the world. We are always available to each other through private internet groups giving access to a vast amount of information and advice.

I feel I am truly blessed doing what I was meant to do, in helping dogs and people achieve a happy and fulfilling life together. I look forward to helping you accomplish that objective also.